Artificial Brain Supervision




ABraSup develops the tools necessary to optimize the automatic control of the process industry

ABraSup has developed a new way to control industrial processes. Forget the 100 year old PID technology and let’s replace it with an artificial brain. From simple loop controllers to integrated supervisors, the industrial process can be monitored and adjusted in simpler, more effective ways.


Our controllers are based on artificial neural networks, which are able to learn an entire process and accurately react and adapt the parameters, resulting in lightning fast reactions and effective results.


Because neural network controllers learn, they adapt themselves to process changes with time: the valve can become worn out, pipes can become plugged, a measurement may deviate… neural controllers detect, adapt and anticipate deviations from the targets.

Our controllers are effective, accurate and reap many benefits:

Improved Reactions

The system has fast reactions to any disturbance; it simply adjusts the control as fast as possible while maintaining stability. The accuracy avoids typical overshot reactions.

Improved Reliability

The system is constantly consistent and will provide a very similar response to similar process deviations; as it thinks and reacts like a human would, the controller will be able to manage instrument failures when they are integrated in the control.

Adaptive, Yet Simple

The system behaves similarly to how humans behave. There is no need for manually adjusting parametres, the system learns and auto tunes itself from the start. The system is natural so operators can easily understand the control logic and behaviour.

More Robust

Will react correctly whatever the deviation, at any time (no sensitivity to complicated algorithm). This industry is dangerous, there is no much room for "free" learning.

More Safety

This technology will improve stability of processes allowing fast disturbances deviations and correcting much faster any deviation.


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