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June, 2019

Abrasup takes the control of the concentration unit in Biowanze and keep the control for several hours. The latest algorithm proves to learn adequately and compensate faster for the process deviation.

The simplified structure of the ABCSU (Artificial Brain Control Supervisor) allows to control 2 variables without any problem and compensate much faster for process deviations.

December, 2018

ABraSup wishes in very happy new year to everyone...

The new algorithm is ready for further industrial tests that will take place in February 2019.

May, 2018

A second industrial test to control a level of a big tank have started and finished positively. We faced some problems:

  • Data acquition has been realised with a special low cost system but independant from the Digital control System. In this  way, the system security is ensured.
  • The valve, the signal were subject to major deviation, like 50% of hysteresis on the control range, variable time lag on the closed loop, very noisy signal, valve dimension overdesigned.

Despite all these unexpected problems, the control has been realised by the controller. Abrasup decided to work on controllers improvements.

August 30, 2017

The Level is controlled in an industrial plant in Prayon. Data are acquired through a data acquisition equipment to our computer. The control is excellent throughout the whole test and parameters were optimised to avoid the control valve to move too frequently.

July 27, 2017

The concept of level control is going live on a tank level control in the laboratory of the University of Mons. The AI controller is adapting to all kind of changes and control the level even when requested liquid is only dropping. 

July 9, 2017

Abrasup is proud to announce a partnership with Prayon Technology SA. The partnership has been signed for industrial tests of the control and supervision algorithm developed by ABraSup based on artificial intelligence and artificial neural networks.

Prayon SA is a company specialized in the production of inorganic chemicals, mainly phosphates.